Assist Me!

~Okay, listen to this song!  Because not only does it go along with the post, but it’s like legit to my life!:

Oh sup yo,

So I haven’t posted on here in a few days because I really haven’t had much to talk about.  I really need help coming up with new topics!  I had a few ideas: Why Anime is significantly better than American Television, How awesome it would be to have a rave for a wedding reception, etc., but once I actually sat down and started writing, I couldn’t get any farther than a few lines!

So that’s why I’m reaching out to you, my reader(s)!  Not only do I need your help in coming up with a few new topics, but I also need help with something else that I’m working on: my YouTube channel!

I’m basically in the same rut as on here, only it’s different.  YouTube is a completely different crowd, and new topics need to be discussed.  I don’t really know what the demand is, though.  I know that once I get started I can last for a while (that’s what she said!), but I need that initial push just to get me there.

I really want to make the YouTube channel at least halfway successful.  I don’t need to be one of those people who has like 483928963 viewers and 6920 people screaming that they want to have my babies, but you know, a good audience would be nice!

Also, I need to make sure that I’m not stepping on any of the toes of the current YouTube gods.  Legit, my worst fear is that I wake up to Kingsley, GloZell, Jenna Marbles (accompanied by Mr. Marbles and Kermit), Dom Mazzetti, Karmin Covers, and Toby Turner standing over my bed with like, death weapons unique to each of them being pointed at my face.

Actually, I wouldn't mind waking up to her. Jenna, we should have sex.









I hope she doesn't find my akyhol









Sorry, bro :/







I think that's her "You're a bitch" face







See? He's getting ready to hit me.









Well this doesn't really have anything to do with anything, but....I've heard they can be evil...






So, please help me out in this endeavor!! It would be greatly appreciated if, once you’re done reading this, you clicked on the little comment button and left a suggestion or two!

K cool!





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