Friends?! Oh, Guess Not…

~While reading my post, listen to this song for some added entertainment:


Okay, so I’ve been having a mental battle with WordPress lately.  You see, I have this little issue.  I get overly excited when I see that someone has commented on my post.

Well, I’ve gotten a lot of comments lately.  Why is it, then, that none of them are showing up on any of the posts??  BECAUSE THEY’VE ALL BEEN SPAM!  And every time I see that I have a spam comment, my heart just like… breaks.  I’m like “SOMEONE LOVES ME!” and then I’m like “……oh…. 😦 ……”

So here’s my issue with spam.  First of all, half the time I can’t even figure out if it’s spam or just someone with a weird website who happened to find my blog.  Like, I get that when I see that “penis enlargement” commented on my post, it’s most likely a spam comment.  However, when I see that “Ethan” commented on my post, and he’s something like what “You’re a skilled writer!” and I’m feeling all good about myself, I can’t really tell if it’s spam or not!  However, I delete the comment because it’s in my spam box.  I don’t even know what would happen if I accepted the spam comment, but I don’t want penis enlargement to end up fucking my computer! 

.....penis. They forgot the penis part.









Second of all, I feel bad deleting the spam comments!  Like, what if Ethan is legit and he sees that I deleted his comment and then gets all insulted because I turned away his compliment?? Did I just lose the opportunity to make a friend?? I like making friends!  I might hate everyone and everything, but I like getting to know them and finding reasons to hate them!  Then we can bond about how we’re cool kids who blog!

We also have a secret fort. You need the password to get in.









Finally, third of all, I just don’t want the spam comments!  They compliment me and make me feel like I actually am decent at writing, and then I see that it’s spam and it’s not real and I feel like shit about myself again!  Fuck you, spam!  You hurt my self-esteem!  Shut up!

Spam sucks.

Now, on a different note, I FINALLY got my e-mail from Pottermore accepting me into the website!  I know that all of you care so much about my Harry Potter obsession, so I’ll let you know the result of my adventures in Pottermore. 

Wand: Dogwood, Unicorn Hair Core, 10 3/4 inches long, slightly springy.


Naturally the most awesome house










As you can probably presume, I am very content with my results.  Now I can buy a Ravenclaw tie, wear it in public, and know that it’s legit.

Well, I guess I’ll wrap this up.  I finally go back to school on Monday.  I’m not really sure if I’m excited or not.  If anyone asks, I’m excited, but in reality…..mehhhhh not really sure.  We’ll see.

K bye!



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