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Hey people!

Okay, first order of business!  I got a tattoo yesterday! Here’s a picture of it:










Let me know your thoughts and feelings if you have any, I’m like in love with this thing. 

Second order of business!  If you read my previous post, you saw that I put a poll at the end as to whether or not I should make a YouTube channel.  Well, unfortunately, I only received one response.  You see, I wanted to see what people would say if I gave them the option to write in their own responses, and instead of answering “Yes” or “No”, one of my readers wrote “TWITTER”. 

I don’t want to give in and get a Twitter!  Honestly, I don’t even understand WHY people do Twitter in the `first place.  Honestly, I can’t even keep up with my Facebook statuses, let alone updating my Twitter at all hours of the day. 











First of all, I don’t even know what I would write about.  Legit, am I supposed to update this thing every time I get a frozen yogurt from Red Mango and talk about how happy my soul is at that moment??  That’s not even Facebook worthy!  Why would anyone even CARE about it how the Summer Melon flavor is delicious with Mochi and Honey on top?  I mean, yes, I have random thoughts which can be posted, but why can’t I just post them on Facebook?  It’s not like anyone different (who matters) will see my Twitter posts as opposed to my Facebook posts.

Second of all, what the fuck is hashtagging?!  My friend Dimitri tried to explain it to me once, and he was like “If I hashtag “#Outwithfriends”, everyone else who hashtagged that would see it.”  Here’s my question: Why do I give a shit if Victorique over in France is out with her friends?  Also, who else in the world is hashtagging stupid shit like “#Iloveturkeysandwiches”, and if they are, that’s even more of a case of why do I care about this??  And don’t even get me started with all of the hashtagging going on on Facebook recently.  It doesn’t work!  It’s not the same!  That’s like using a condom when you’re trying to get pregnant! 

But someone will one day name their child "#", and that's what's sad










Third of all, I don’t even have a third of all, and that in itself is a third of all.  Basically, as far as I’m concerned, here is all that Twitter is: Posting up statuses and hashtagging random shit.  Legit, what is the appeal?  I have nothing here to convince me to make a Twitter.  Therefore, I am asking that someone would PLEASE campaign for Twitter!  I’m not saying that I’ll make one, but I just need to now what else there is to it that makes it so unique that I would make one when I already have a Facebook!

I hope that everyone stayed safe during Irene!  She sucked here on Long Island, so I’m still alive! I’m actually rather disappointed.  Anyway, answer my polls and let me know your thoughts! 



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I'm a 19 year old boy from Long Island, New York who's interested in a lot of different stuff. I'm a student at the Culinary Institute of America, so I'm going to be a chef one day! I'm here mainly to write stuff, just because I like writing and pretending that I can be creative sometimes, so hopefully my blog can entertain you and maybe you'll even get a laugh or two from it. Hope you enjoy! Please comment as much as you like. View all posts by waterboy1023

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