It’s Like I’m Giving Birth Or Something!

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‘Sup reader (it’s my first post, I’ma be realistic, there’s probably only like one of you),

Spoiler alert: This is one of those “it’s my first time blogging and I’m going to introduce myself” posts.  Please enjoy (or click away from boredom).

My name is David, and I’m an 18 year old from Long Island, New York.  This information is under my about me, but in case you’re not a hardcore stalker, I figured that I should leave it here for you just in case you were wondering.  I’m not a very interesting person, but for some reason, I find myself wanting to start a blog, so here we go! 

I’m going to say now that I’m not going to bullshit this stuff.  For those of you who know me, I tend to have a very professional writing style, but this blog is going to come from my completely (well, semi-completely) uncensored mind.  A.k.a. I’m going to say everything which I legally can (if only you could hear the illegal stuff…)

Instead of telling you all about my thrilling personality, I’ll just let you read about that in future posts.  However, I will update you on essentials for understanding my life.  I am a student at the Culinary Institute of America, and I am currently on my externship (it’s like an internship but I get college credit for it) in North Carolina (a.k.a. God’s waiting room).  I am single (whuddup ladies) (look who’s desperate!).  My friends mean everything to me.  I’m just about the most insecure kid you’ll ever meet.  I’m also kind of insane (whatever). 

Since this is my first post, I don’t really have much to write about right now.  I guess I’ll just tell you what it’s like to be far away from home.  I’m lucky enough to be able to confidently say that when I went off to college last August, I was ready for it.  I dealt with all of the typical college stuff: new subjects, topics which I didn’t know shit about,  friend drama, broken relationships, new relationships, and basically everything except for an illegitimate pregnancy (And for you, singular female reader, I’m just letting you know now, I call godfather for your first illegitimate child)!  And then it came time for me to leave school and do this whole externship thing.  Now, I could’ve stayed close to home and almost had a real summer, but I decided to take an adventure and move too far away for me to even visit home (yeah, I don’t know what I was smoking, either).  I’ll say now that I don’t regret it, though. 

Actually, I’m glad I moved to NC.  It was what I needed.  The job that I have here is great (not saying where I work ’cause knowing me, I’ll be like FUCK EVERYTHING and get fired ’cause someone will see this), and I’m making great friends here too.  I miss my friends from home, but if I’m lucky enough that they remember me when I get back, hopefully we can just pick up where we left off. 

My advice to anyone leaving home soon: Remember that you will always be able to go back home.  Also, remember that no matter where you go, there is an opportunity to make friends.  I never really acknowledged the idea of the rest of the world before I went to college, and now I’ve learned that, even in bumblefuck, North Carolina, I have the ability to meet great people and make friends.  I’m happy for that, and because of that, I was able to make a little family down here (not literally, I’m not a daddy). 

But now I guess this is getting too long and I should stop writing.  Hopefully someone reads this and looks forward to what I have to say next time!  Let me know if there’s anything you want me to talk about, I’m pretty sure that I can relate to just about any situation you have.  I promise to be 100% honest with everyone, aaaaand yeah! 

Peace out dawg,


Victoria's the one who convinced me to start blogging


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